Individual Benefits


1) Short Term Temporary Medical Insurance Plans for an Individual or Family 

Short Term Temporary Medical Insurance Plans allow you to secure coverage almost immediately. Usually 12:01 A.M. after the day your completed application and payment is postmarked. There are various plan designs available from $250 Deductible to $2000 deductible plans. There are also two types of temporary plans. One plan type requires that you set the amount of time you desire to be covered, 30 to 180 days at the time of application. Another plan type allows you to continue your coverage month to month for up to a year. Short Term Plans come into play when you are in-between jobs, in the waiting period at a new job, or when a child loses coverage under a parents group plan for one reason or another and is trying to determine what their next step will be.

2) Permanent  Individual or Family Medical Insurance Plans

Permanent or Family Medical Plans are available to persons that can qualify for coverage after going through a medical underwritten application process. There are various plan designs available, from $250, all the way up to $5000 deductibles. There are HMO, PPO and Standard Indemnity plans for you to select from.  In California the main providers are Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Nationwide and HealthNet.